AltaFX Features
AltaFX v4.12 for Windows PC's
  • Developed in Microsoft Access, and comes with a 'run-time' version of Access
  • Since 1998, over 2700 hours of professional computer development has gone into its creation
  • Runs under Windows 98/ XP/ Vista/ 7 and Ms Outlook  (Note: not 64-bit outlook)
  • 'Home'  and Corporate versions are available
  • Web Questionnaire, Web Registration and Datacasting modules available - see info. below

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Features (click each heading to see comments)

Contact/Respondent Features

- Complete Contact details recording (ie. name, address, phones, fax, email, age, suburb, notes, ...etc. + special feature critera = ' On Anothers Database', 'Reminder POPup')
- Unlimited Contact characteristic definition and assignment (ex. car, children, products owned/used, bank details, etc...)
- Contact rapid entry functions = fast default characteristic assignment or screener style Q&A step-by-step assignment
- Automatic phone no. dialling available via the PC's modem, VOIP or Skype
- Pop-up 'possible duplicate' warnings using contacts phone nos. (home, work and mobile) & surname
- Siple email or SMS communication per contact 
- Automatic suburb lookup and postcode assignment
- Contact's Session history display and '6 month limit warning'
- Contact lookup by name, Id., suburb, address, & phone nos., email
- Contact archiving feature (via flag, with stored date of archive)
- Session archiving feature (via date of session), provides a link back to live data for quick lookups
- Pop-up Contact Reminder feature by month/day - Pop-up screener answers and session display limit feature

Session/Group Features

- Complete session definition including incentive, venue, location session type, researcher responsible,...etc.
- Session cost/charge definition by Session type and/or Client or exact entered value: enables full client invoice production. Includes postpone, cancel and spec. change charging options as well as external recruiter rate assignment
- Simple Session quota definition and tracking, for internal(13) and external(8) recruiters. Session status (by Job) pop-up screen to enable tracking of multiple jobs and nos. recruited
- Contacts in a Session by Timeslot recording (with variable timeslot start and timeslot interval definition, + lunch break setting)
- Session copying, postponent and cancellation features. With close option that greys out the session for easy status viewing
- Contacts assigned to Session summary with quick confirmation and attendance flagging functions. Ability to close a session & have it appear 'greyed' out = WHO Screen
- Bulk emailing of Contacts assigned to a session, for confirmation purposes, includes session and direction & map information. Generation of mobile phone list - for SMSing - is also a feature
- Automatic emailing of Contacts 'no show' events to external recruiters
- Recruited by session/job 'at-a-glance' summary report and pop-up progress screen

Contact Searching Features

- Contact searching via gender, age, postcode (home/work), region, email & and notes keyword. Plus exclude by 'client visit' option ,also AND/OR/NOT/RANGE style loic for contact criteria searching
- Quick search criteria generation for children DOB searching
- Search results saving , with contacts last recruited quick view information. Print labels and print saved search contacts details options.
- View Saved Search results: Contact call tracking features including time stamp, note/history setting and status flag setting. Sort random, by work and by mobile phone features
- Quick find feature for contacts who are at 'message left' status for recruited / called
- Search results export and mobile phone no. list (for SMSing) features

General Features

- Login Pop-up message screen (used to display messages to users at logon time)
- Contact owner 'mass change' feature, enabling the original owner of a set of contacts to be automatically changed
- Contacts from 'lists' (xl or text based) importing and calling function
- Internal/External recruiter definition , including email address, 11 different rate types plus bonus type, cancelled & postponed rates
- Client definition, including 11 different rate types and full researcher name assignment and definition
- Session Venue setup including name, location, duration & map reference
- Internal archive features: enables obsolete contacts to be flagged as archived, such contacts will not appear on searches
- External database archive features: enables obsolete contacts to be removed from the main database and stored in a seperate db. Archived contacts viewing and re-load is available
- Compact database features: enables automatic repair and compacting of the main MS Access database
- In-built help, including pop-up help on button fields and status bar help text on every field. 10 multi-media training video files describing all features of AltaFX

Reporting Features

- Contacts assigned to a Session
- Contacts found matching a set of serach criteria
- Respondent validation (contacts in a Session - AMSRS std report)
- Placement by Recruiter
- Session Attendance Summary
- Session / Venue - Daily Sessions Report
- Recruited by session/job summary Report
- External Recruiter 'No Show/Off Spec.' reports
- Internal User 'No Show/Off Spec.' reports
- AMSRS yearly accrediatation reports (18 , 19 and 12b)
- Screener -answers- tabular report
- Contact Address Labels
- Complete Client Invoicing, with MYOB invoice interface
- Contact Usage
- Recruiter placement performance
- Recruiter screener performance
- Customer Requests / Attendance by hour
- 6 Month Rule violation / Session visits stats. report
Note: All reports can be printed or exported and all can be run with user specified: Session/Recruiter/JobNo./Date parameters )

AltaFX user to AltaFX user Communication module

    (Screener Module + MS Outlook required)
- Provides Session, note, screener data transfer and automatic importing features between AltaFX users (all automatic via MS Outlook Emails)
- Also, Recruited contact info. (name, session, screener answers, etc.) transfer and automatic importing (all via MS Outlook Emails). Recruited by quota nos. are automatically incremented during importing

Screener Module (Optional)

    [required for interface to Web Registration form]
- Complete screener question definition with unlimited 'answer' assignment includes validation, printing and quota tracking features. Question answers can be defined as single or multi-choice. Answer 'Jumpto's can be set to terminate screener or to go to the lowest question (for multi-choice)
- Screener question add/delete logic that automatically moves previous questions
- Master Screener copy and link to Session(s) features
- Contacts Screener failure point recording and answer recording
- Screener quota definition and tracking based on answer(s)
- Screener question answer automatic 'criteria add to contact' facility
- Screener question code ('[SN') enables capture of answers for later quota reporting
- MS Word Doc. to Screener : import module (* Optional Feature)
- Enables activation of the Home FX user to Full FX user session/screener interface

Web Registration Form (Optional)

- A web form can be created by us - to your specifications - that enables your potential respondents to enter their details (name, address, characteristic info.) into a web form. This info. can then be sent to your email address and AltaFX can automatically load in the form data directly to its database, no end-user re-keying is required. See MRGroups as an example.

*The LITE version is available for small/home based recruiters. This version is identical to FULL AltaFX, except - it is single user, the modules below can not be used with it (except for data transmission back to the main recruiter), fewer reports are available, no list contact importing & there is a limited bulk email feature
* AltaFX runs under Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista and 7 and requires MS Outlook (versions 2000 - 2010)

OPTIONAL : Additional  'Add-in'  Modules
AltaFX Web Questionnaire module/service
    (Internet questonnaire module)
This module enables users to automatically turn their AltaFX screeners into web pages that can be hosted on a web server. Opt-in respondents (which can be selected via numerous criteria) can then be automatically emailed requesting them to visit a specific questionnaire/panel site. Respondent's answers can be sent back immediately or extracted and interpreted later. Respondent answers can be used to flag the contacts saved search status (ie. questionnaire logged in, part complete, fully completed). The time the respondent took to correctly answer the questionnaire is also recorded for future use. Contacts with a email address that has bounced (was invalid) can be automatically updated and their address removed and their criteria (WebQuestEmailed) flagged accordingly

AltaFX Web Saved Search module/service 'New for June-2010'
    (Saved Search display and update for remote recruiters module)
This module enables you to copy saved search results to the web so that remote recruiters can access this info. (via secure IP based login) and recruit against your list of searched contacts. Status, session, screener and recruited info. is sent back to your central site for updating into the main AltaFX database.

AltaFX user to NonAltaFX user Communication module
    (Session specs. and recruited name commmunication module)
Enables non-FX user(s) to be emailed with a Session/Name web form that provides all the necessary specs. (including screener Q & A's, if appropriate), they then enter the screener/respondent info. and email back this data. Return email is automatically imported into AltaFX (via MS Outlook on the hosts PC)

Web page to AltaFX Communication module (Webl)
    (Web page to AltaFX hub name transmission)
Enables non-FX user(s) to go to a contact entry web page and enter contact details for specific session. This info. is then sent back to the main AltaFX user for automatic import into their system. The web page and session info. is all generated automatically out of AltaFX. Individual or broadcast messages can also be sent with this module

AltaFX Master Database module
    (Slave to Master AltaFX user communication module)
The Process is -> The complete AltaFX data database is sent to external recruiter (slaves), on a periodic basic (say, once a week). They recruit and their changes are sent back (via email) to the Central (Master) database and automatically updated. Thus enabling remote use of the system in a distributed fashion.
NOTE: Slave External Recruiters : can not record/communicate changes to criteria , they MUST flag such changes by entering text messages in the contact notes field. Only contact add, group changes and contact data maintenance (ie. the left-hand side info of the contact screen) changes are sent back to the Master User. And it is highly recommended that both master and slave user(s) have a broadband internet connection.

Playable Overview of AltaFX:
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